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General Terms and Conditions
In principle, nothing on the website of www.estovigo.ch constitutes a binding offer to any website visitor. If www.estovigo.ch issues an invitation to submit a bid or, exceptionally, makes a binding offer via the website, www.estovigo.ch will do so clearly and unmistakably. If there are any doubts in this respect, the visitor must assume that www.estovigo.ch does not intend to make a binding offer.

Conditions of sale
The stated prices include neither shipping or insurance costs. Ordered items will only be delivered against payment in advance. Website visitors will be advised by e-mail of the total amount of a purchase made online. This will take into account shipping costs. Ordered items are reserved for the customer for a period of 30 days. If no payment is received within this period, we reserve the right to offer items for sale again in our online shop.

Shipping takes place at the purchaser's risk after receipt of payment. To safeguard the purchaser's interests, goods worth more than CHF 20 are sent by registered mail as a matter of course. For consignments sent via the Swiss Post Office, the latter's general terms and conditions also apply, especially those concerning liability.

Goods purchased from www.estovigo.ch can only be returned within 10 days of delivery. The date of postmark will be regarded as proof of timely return of goods. Goods are returned at the purchaser's risk. Returned goods can only be accepted if they are received in their unopened, sealed original packing. This applies in particular to coins, stamps, letters, postcards and banknotes. Goods may be returned without stating any reason. In case of return, the purchase price of the goods will be refunded to the purchaser, less any transaction charges.

www.estovigo.ch cannot accept any liability in respect of information retrieved from or via the website of www.estovigo.ch. The only exceptions are information that is identified by an appropriate statement regarding www.estovigo.ch copyright or information which obviously originates from www.estovigo.ch. www.estovigo.ch has no control over information, especially that on external servers, publicly accessible servers, usenet news servers or in discussion forums, chat rooms etc. Information contained on the website of www.estovigo.ch is liable to change without notice. www.estovigo.ch can give no assurance that such information is complete or up to date. Website visitors use such information at their own risk. In every case the liability of www.estovigo.ch is explicitly confined to the warranted qualities of the item.

It should be assumed that information that can be retrieved via the website of www.estovigo.ch is protected by copyright and that its commercial use is only permitted with the consent of the copyright holder in return for payment.

Jurisdictional venue
The legal venue is St. Gallen, the provisions of Swiss law shall apply exclusively.